Is the smoke detector working?

I Think Oppo Has a Moderator Issue.

Sure, some users had a part in what happened, so did the NSFW content. But I think the rieal issue is the mods have forgotten how to do the only thing mods have to do; Make Unbiased Decisions in order to better the blog. I don't think any of the decisions the mods have made the past few months have been unbiased at all, I think their decisions have very obviously catered to those with the loudest voices and not the ones with the truest intentions. Now sometimes those 2 overlapped, but not always. I think the Mods need to take a collective look in the mirror and try to get back to being what they once were; The leaders of the best off-topic Car blog this side of Gawker. I think they should stop making extra rules, stop catering to one group of people on any side of a sensitive issue. May it be the girls or the guys, or maybe the Imports or muscle cars. Whatever it be, the mods cannot have alliances to one specific group and still moderate effectively. Thats just my 2 cents.


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