My mental health has been pretty bad all summer and I think I’m at the point where I have to go back to partial hospitalization for my depression. I’m having a very hard time functioning especially at work and nothing seems to be helping right now. I couldn’t get myself to go to work yesterday and I couldn’t finish my shift today and had a hard time just reading and responding to emails. I’m also having some passive suicidal thoughts. I just don’t feel motivated to do anything and am questioning my whole existence and what is the point of doing anything at all. I don’t enjoy anything so why do anything? I know I will die in the end anyway. This probably doesn’t make sense but I figured I would update. I’ve contacted my psychiatrist, my insurance and the hospital program I went to last time and it seems like I will probably be going next week. I hope I can get out in time for the start of classes on the 6th but I guess only time will tell. I’m feeling strongly calmer knowing that I will probably be going back. I think I need a break from reality and this might be the way to get it.