Yes this is a direct violation of the “be excellent to others” rule, but I don’t care. I’ve had this brewing up for far too long, two and a half goddamn fucking years and I swear to God I need to get it off my chest before it fucking explodes into something worse and, damnit, I want people to care, even if I have to fucking force them (or something, even when I can’t force them, but fuck it). So I’m going to compromise through two things: I’m not going to name this member (mainly because, I’ll have to admit, he’s been more or less cool since, but this one incident has hurt me that much - yes, it fucking has, go fuck yourself if you’re going to accuse me of holding a grudge too long or being too much of a pussy, I’ve held it for this long and I don’t fucking care anymore), and I’m going to explicitly say it’s not Xylo for in turn two reasons: one, because yes I’ve kind of been a bitch to her in the past and I just want to make it clear this isn’t about that, and the big one, two, because she recently convinced me it’s worth staying by convincing me and telling me that the vast majority of people here aren’t dickweeds when I was seriously considering quitting Oppo. But anyway...

So backstory: two years ago I made a joke thread about Russell Wilson. Most people fucking got it because most people aren’t fucking stupid ignorant pricks so goddamn fucking full of themselves. But one of you fucking asswipes - no, I can’t call you an asswipe, that’s libel against asswipes - you just couldn’t fucking let it go. No, you had to fucking personally insult me repeatedly after I fucking told you to just fucking let it go. No, you just had to shove your apparent smugness all over your goddamn self. All you did is just convince me that Seattle is full of shit-fuckers and the Seahawks can indeed go to Hell for all I fucking care, and take shitstains along with you.

I was going through a very hard personal time back then, and the Superbowl loss just made it fucking worse - I felt so fucking shitty with things piling up that I fucking had to drop out of class. And then you fucking come in here and tell me that I’m a fucking loser and that I won’t amount to fucking shit compared to you because - oh gee whiz you got a fucking kid and a fucking job, whoop de doo I’m so goddamn fucking impressed with a fucking shit excuse of a so-called human being like you. fuck you.

I don’t give two fucking shits about your son. I don’t give two fucking shits if he joins the goddamn Army and what happens to him there, or if he becomes a goddamn fucking math genius or if he ends up spending the rest of his life flipping burgers and is eyeball-deep in alimony payments. I don’t give a goddamn fucking shit about whatever two-bit shitsucking job you work, if you feel so fucking proud of it that you have to brag about it on a goddamn fucking board dedicated to “man humor” that’s spun-off a goddamn fucking car enthusiasts’ board. You’re a piece of shit, you worship a piece of shit team only douchebags worship, and you’re forever a piece of shit and a douchebag, and you just proved it with how you responded to me. As far as I’m concerned you kicked me while I was down, and as far as I’m concerned you personally hurt me for no other reason than because you are a shit-sucking son of a bitch, a tiny little man who has to belittle random people on the goddamn Internet, less of a man than a fucking ISIL suicide bomber or a North Korean gulag guard.

My biggest regret is that I did fucking dismiss your posts so I couldn’t show them to Gamecat or Paul Jaques and have them fucking ban your ass, which is what you deserve. If you’re going to be like this, then you don’t fucking belong here. Oppo doesn’t need fucking scum like you. Don’t you ever, ever dare even respond to my posts again. I don’t know how I can enforce that, but by God I will find a way even if it simply means I just leave Oppo forever (there are tons of other communities out there including /o/ which I’m discovering is a lot more inclusive in the end, so if it’s going to be that way then just fuck Oppo completely).

As for why this particular night I just randomly explode like this, I don’t know.


Also I do feel better about it now, getting it off my chest in a public forum, so there.