Is the smoke detector working?

I know some of you know me from Oppo from like a year back

I was called YourStereotypicalIndian, and was a quality shitposter. If you remember. So I thought, I’d give you a overview of what has changed(not very much). New secksee wheels with nice secksee tires(dunlop direzzas). Also it runs on E85 which is pretty sweet, but only in the summers. I am not dealing with that stuff in the cold.


This picture had the old tires (RE-11A) which got a nail in the sidewall. Got a full refund thanks to them being out of production!

Next on the list is probably brake pads and rotors(don’t know what kind, probably just pads first). And then suspension when I’ve gotten good enough at driving that I need suspension mods(Looking at Fortune Auto’s offerings). Car is still a blast even after 3 years of owning it.

I was thinking about rejoining oppo just to have a place to talk about cars and other stuff (all my friends aren’t car people so its not quite the same with them). Anybody want to weigh in on this? So enjoy this video of the Indy car race at Road America that I took

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