The original posting can be found here. It refers to the Australian teen who blew himself up in an ISIS car bomb from this Gawker story here. Upfront I want to state that I don't want to start any shit-throwing and in no way do I want to show support for ISIS, but quite the opposite. A least as it's presented, it's a heartbreaking story of how depression can drive someone to be suggestive towards going down a path leading him or her outside of his or her own control and even end up hurting people he or she likely didn't even want to hurt. Full text reproduced after the jump (it's not that long):

As always life is more complex than the surface story. Jake lost his mother to cancer and mental illness, plus he was bullied at school. He was groomed online by an Islamic State recruiter who pretended to be an international journalist offering Jake a job (he wanted to be an international journalist but thought he was too ugly).

Here is Jake's Yahoo answers account, you can read his 60 questions and see his mental condition and his spiral down:… In his last photos with IS he looks desperately unhappy. He was gifted at math, he had a future. I wish someone could have scooped him up and protected him when he needed it.

I think this might go a ways towards explaining why at least some Westerners end up joining ISIS, or at least end up getting stuck with ISIS and some of the savvy yet dirty tricks ISIS uses in their recruiting. It's important that people be given a support system to be able to sort through their problems and let them achieve the future they can achieve. It's also important to finally be able to bomb ISIS into defeat, but both matters are easier said than done I suppose.