Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

I just want to say something regarding BatshitBabes and sexism

Let me preface my writing by saying I enjoy the pageant. I think it’s fun to watch it unfold throughout the year, and as a man, I may find some of the women slightly more attractive than the others. That’s just because I’m a man.

However, I am not a sexist. I’m a feminist in the sense that I support equal rights for women in the workplace. In fact, once I enter the mechanical engineering industry at whatever company (hopefully Boeing), I’m going to push for an outreach program encouraging women to consider a career in STEM. It’s something I feel very passionately about as cultural norms are actively discouraging very powerful minds from what they might be most inclined in.


I have voted in BatshitBabes. That does not make me a sexist, in the same way that someone can enjoy a bottle of craft beer at a party or a nice glass of champagne at dinner without being an alcoholic. I can enjoy something as insignificant as BatshitBabes without being a raging misogynist.

In the end, it’s harmless fun.

(Before anyone goes apeshit misreading anything I’ve wrote, I want it to be clear that you [the reader] should interpret my stance, in this case, as somewhat non-partisan. I’m simply expressing my views towards the pageant as a feminist.)

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