Is the smoke detector working?

I just made Old Rebel Yell Bourbon.

From “okay” bourbon, to pretty fan-fucking-tastic. How you may ask?

I’ll tell you how, because I like you. One word, Bacon... How!?! You may scream...

I’ll tell you...

Take thick cut bacon and cook it slow. While you’re cooking the bacon boil the kettle.


When you’re done cooking the bacon (eat it), pour the fat into a mason jar with two cups of boiling water from the kettle. Put in the fridge for four hours.

Four hours later you have clarified bacon fat, take that fat and melt it in a pan.

Now for every ounce of fat take six ounces of bourbon and mix them together. Stick in the fridge for another four hours.

Once done get the empty bottle of rebel yell and pour the fatty bourbon through coffee filters.


Now that you’ve filtered the bourbon you now have yourself bacon infused bourbon. Awww yisss

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