I just cant comprehend...

Yes, yes. Another left lane rant.

I just want one person to give me any sort of a LOGICAL explanation as to why they are so obsessed with the left lane.

This morning, driving into work, three lane highway, I am in the right lane, no one around me for some distance. I come along to an on-ramp which dumps out into a 4th lane (the on ramp becomes another lane for a good 8 miles). I had my cruise control on at 65 mph. a guy drives down the on ramp and is just barely in front of me but not far enough to get in front of me. I see the car starting to shake back and forth across the lane (he was sawing at the wheel), and I noticed he kept looking back at me.

For a good 1/2 mile, this guy would slow down and speed up, but never enough to get in front or behind me (not that he needed to, there was no one blocking the lanes ahead). The whole time he is sawing at the wheel like he wants to get over but I am blocking his way.

Finally he floors it, speeding up to about 80 mph, the whole time looking back at me and sawing at the wheel in his lane. Once he was about 800 ft. in front of me he decided to make his move, jerking at the wheel shooting him all the way across the lanes to the left lane (remember, 4 lane highway, he and I were pretty much the only 2 vehicles on the road for about 1/4 miles distance). Once he got to his coveted left lane he jacked on the brakes, down to about 55 mph (65 zone) and continued at that pace for as long as I could see him.


So I need to ask, honestly, what is this overbearing obsession with the left lane?

For those that need help understanding, here is a friendly map for you to know what you need to do in your state.


And for more specific info on your individual state legislature, look here.

Sorry for the rant but I am getting damn tired of these self-centered ass wipes whom refuse to maintain speed or move over to allow traffic to pass.