But the ObsDeck community needs to lighten the fuck up. OppoLock is cool as shit, but I swear ObsDeck is actively trying to reinforce the notion that nerd communities like to keep themselves closed off. And yet they still wonder why their anti-social stereotypes persist.

Sorry, blowing off some steam because I don’t know all 1,322,180 rules to posting in their community beyond just the common sense.

And while I’m at it, I love that car nerds of all ages, races and sexes can get together and discuss all things Oppo, but sci-fi and genre nerds have hissy fits over the stupidest of shit and expect you to know everything there is to know of every single damn comic book published (no I don’t know what the fuck Suicide Squad is how the fuck am I supposed to get excited over it?) No wonder I largely left the sci-fi nerd circles years ago.

Update: So now I’m grayed from ObsDeck. Whatever. I don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to prove that I can contribute to the community according to whatever arbitrary standards they decide. Posting relevant content should be contributing to the community by default - it doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure that out, except apparently ObsDeck needs to be informed of that. If it’s come down to that then they have serious problems they need to sort out, and acting like a bunch of uptight fucking dickholes isn’t going to do that. Whatever. If there’s any sci-fi stuff I want to post I guess I can post it off-topic on OppoLock from now on.

And yes, you bet I’m fucking pissed. This is not how a community is supposed to be conducted, especially on Kinja.

Oh, and I might as well post what got me banned from ObsDeck:


Yeah, posting a pic of Hayley Altwell’s driver’s license where she’s dressed as her Agent Carter character is soooooo disruptive to the community and sooooo off-topic.

Another update: this is just blowing off more steam but - the moderator in question, crashedpc/ sarcasm pulled the “I post on Oppo too, and I know Gamecat - have a nice day” card, which might as well translate to “I’m the biggest goddamn asshole douchebag you’ll ever meet, nah-nah.” Message received, you’re a self-important douchebag. Either way I’m bugging Gamecat about it. He’ll probably just agree with crashedpc /sarcasm but whatever. This isn’t how you run a community with the expectation of growing it, especially when people post on-topic. I don’t know how the fucking hell this isn’t seen as majorly alienating, or how it’s not seen as a fucking problem unless they specifically want to keep ObsDeck insular.