Here are the things that piss me off, in no particular order:

- Commenters that jump to conclusions off of the title/first fucking paragraph of the story.

- People that argue incessantly that someone else's point of view is wrong and they're a racist/sexist/homophobe/xenophobe because of it (when they really aren't).

- Trolls

- Bandwagon white knights (if you have to have the problem pointed out to you before you rage against it, you really didn't give a shit about the topic anyways).


- Flakey people. When you say you're going to do something, fucking do it.

- People who think that just because they read a book/website about finance, that they know just as much about financial planning/investments as I do. I'll tell you what, Mr. Random Guy that just walked off the street and into my office: when you spend over 22,000 hours studying and working in finance, come tell me that I'm wrong. But please, explain to me how your Engineering degree educated you about all things finance.


- Individuals that confuse Wikipedia with a trusted source.

- Dallas

- Prii

Okay, so to my count, I've dominated the posts on this fledgling blog. I'll refrain for now. I only ask that you go and post your own rant. Get it out of your system. This is the place to do it, dammit.