Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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I Feel Terrible

I asked my Aunt for a $500 hanukkah check so I could buy tires, and she obliged. I'm very happy with the tires, and I love my aunt to pieces, but I feel so guilty for asking her. She's my dad's sister and that side of the family is filthy rich. How my dad didnt get any of that money, I dont know. 500 dollars is not alot of money for her, so its not like I hurt her financially for asking, but I wish I could have bought them on my own. I dont know if I feel bad for asking, for receiving or for not being able to afford tires right now independently. I have a job, but with school and homework I dont have alot of time for a regular gig. So I work very rarely, enough to pay for monthly insurance payments and thats about it. I really just need to get these thoughts out, thats really what this post is. Its unhealthy to let this stew in my head.


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