Is the smoke detector working?

I don't get people.......

I was only 19 years old....fresh out of dropping out college, trying to balance a summer job, and trying to build something special with a girl. I spent the next two years in an spiral with her. Sheltering her when her mom kicked her out of her house, standing by her as she would be in out and out of depression, rushing to her when she was feeling down, doing anything a half decent guy could. I’d buy her gifts I couldn’t afford, surprise her with roses every weekend we hung out, drive anywhere and at anytime. Through those days she never could trust me, never believed me, and always let her thoughts cloud her next step. She broke up with me more times than I can count..whether it be because of friends, family, herself, or just maybe because it was cloudy outside. I finally wiped my hands clean of all this last month.

Out of no where today she messaged me and basically said that i’m the ‘one’, I should’ve done things differently, she had this future all planned out with me, but that it’s my fault we’re not together anymore.

I’m sorry for the rant, but I just don’t get people.

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