Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

I am gonna bitch about my life if that is ok.

So I like this girl who has a boyfriend and is hot as fuck. So during English I looked at her ass (she likes to wear yoga pants) she didn't catch me but my buddy did. Fast forward to lunch my buddy says "Leigh told me she likes you" and my response is "no way did she hit her head or something" he goes on and makes a very convincing argument that she likes me so I am smiling and happy as fuck and my buddy says ten minutes later "Dude, I was fucking with you." "oh....okay" they then go on and say why I am delusional for thinking I have a shot. WTF man!!!!!??!???!!!!!! Do this look like this is a mold crush no I got it bad!!!!!!! You piece of shit!!!!! So I ignored them and said I got a shot and she just posted a pic on Instagram and yep she is fucking perfect and I look like shit. So fuck me and fuck my life and fuck my friends for putting the thought that I don't have a shot in my fucking head.


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