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As a POC, this was not an easy scenario. I’m willing to give the cops a pass because they were only acting on the word of the owner of the bar, a bar that I’ve been to multiple times over a 10+ year period. A bar that I know the staff. In an area that multiple owners know me personally. An area that multiple cops know me better than I know them.

The owner of the bar caters to a diverse crowd which obviously includes diverse couples. Why this racist bitch would single me out, especially after I told him repeatedly what I was trying to do to help this woman.

As I was leaving I said to his face that he better treat one of his employees that I know personally with more respect than he treated me.

I made sure that I moved myself more than 150 feet away from the building. Not only was he filming me, but he sent the cops after me as well.

Not only have I never been treated so disrepectfully, I’ve never had anyone behave like such a racist to me in my vicinity in my entire 44 year life.


Thank heaven I know just as many bar/restaurant owners and cops than he does. It will get it resolved. I just hope it gets resolved peacefully.

I gotta tell you what pissed me off the most: the first 5 cops were all white. Not only did I acknowledge them, they acknowledge me back (granted this was all before they lost their cool). The sixth cop was black. I said “how you doing, sir?”, and he ignored me. I turned to him as he passed and said to him that you can at least fucking acknowledge me.

He said nothing.

What is this world coming to?

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