Ok heres the deal I’m a white male and I work in an office consisting of 4 other white individuals and our clientell is predominantly white as well. The shit I hear on a day to day basis literally makes me sick to my stomach.

To give you an idea of who I am. I’m a 30 year old Canadian white dude, my wife is Filipino and my 2 best friends are not white either. One is Black and the other is from Hong Kong. These 3 people are the most important people in my life. I would take a bullet for any of them without having to think twice about it.

Yet the bigotry I see plastered in the media and in my surroundings quite honestly makes me embarrassed to be white since people feel that because I am also white I will just be ok with what is being said since it is not directed towards me.

Currently in Canada the Foreign workers have a HUGE target on their backs and it is getting out of hand. I’m seeing a VAST amount of people that are thrilled that some of these workers are being sent home after years of hard work just because the government decided at the last minute to change the immigration process and not renew a bunch of these peoples work permits.

The things I’ve heard broke my heart as a white person so imagine if it was actually directed towards me I’d be livid. In a way it sort of makes me understand why some of the religions/cultures are lashing out. If you were discriminated against your whole life you would eventually go nuts and do something very extreme.


The way we treat every muslim as a terrorist or how every filipino is stealing our jobs, these “terrorist/job stealer” are just as Canadian as I am. These are Canadian citizens, yet for some reason they can’t be treated as such.

Or how a Japanese person might not be so fluent in english is treated like an inferior human being yet the Japanese are arguably some of the smartest people on the planet but because english is not their first language they are “just some dumb asian” yet they are engineers or doctors.

Sometimes I’m ashamed of my country and lately I’ve been having a real hard time dealing with it. To the point where I’m ready to relocate to a country where everyone is welcome. I don’t know what country that is yet but I’m sure it exist somewhere.


We are all people why can’t we all treat each other with some respect for a change.