Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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Hey CL, hows your day going?

Mine is kinda like shit. exams in a couple of weeks for it, kinda screwed for them...

I feel like I have the energy to do shit. I’m currently typing at probably the quickest I have in a long time. but yet, I dont feel like I want to apply that energy to anything. Anticipation? I guess you could call it?

My room is a mess, down stairs too. No ready to eat food...but I can cook if I REALLY need something (or just throw together a sandwich.)

OH, and to top it off, I got a speeding ticket today -.-’’’’ 2 lane each way, devided HWY. 55mph speed limit. no other cars around, sunny day. I was apparently doing 85mph. Cop have me the ticket for 65. I’m going to fight it, because fuck that shit. Will have to time the court date so that I cant do it after the summer once I get back to thunder bay.

At least I sent out like 8 or 9 job applications today. Hopfully I get something back.


Any advice? Suggestions? Hope your day is going better then mine.

the SVX-R for your time.

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