Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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Has anyone done inpatient mental health care?

Things aren’t going well and my psychologist was talking about inpatient today as my severe depression has been constant for two years and nothing seems to be making me better.

Recently we were working on past childhood trauma and I’ve been pretty bad ever since. I’m on my third week with my new antidepressant and have never had one work yet. She thinks the break from regular and daily stresses along with around the clock care could help me but I’ve never done it and it scares me. So does anyone have any advice or questions for me? I have been having suicidal thoughts but they aren’t severe. I just need the pain and depression to be lessened, it’s led to me dropping classes and am really struggling to get through the day.


Did it help, is it horrible, how long would I be there, what could I take, can I take my phone or an iPod with me? etc.

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