Last week I picked up a few hand rolled cigars from Sosa Family Cigars, located on Disney Property. We were out there for Disney with some friends and had a great time. Fortunately the husband who I’ve become close friends with enjoys cigars as well, so we stopped by Sosa to pick something up and I was pleasantly surprised.

The variety isn’t great there as its a small shop and it was staffed by a couple of guys that were probably in their early 20’s. One was smoking a cigarette (IIRC) but quickly put it out when I came in. They keep the front door open which bothered me, because even though the humidor room was separated, the Hand-Rolled cigars they offer were open to the air and sitting near a window. As a side note, it was hard to tell if the cigars were just overpriced, or if they were just varieties I wasn’t familiar with. Although Disney attracts a lot of people who are looking for an experience they might not do again for a long time, I’m not sure it attracts people willing to spend so much on a cigar. Then again, I’m likely wrong.

Either way I picked up a couple of the hand rolled cigars for about $4 each. I knew that was pretty low and didn’t expect much, but I wanted to try them out anyways. They were supposedly rolled only 4 or 5 days prior.

So while we BBQ’d my friend and I lit up and talked about our jobs on a more detailed basis, because our wives don’t care about Web Services, SEO, Email Retention, SQL, and so on.

But the cigars themselves weren’t bad. I went with the Maduro wrapped option as that’s my go to. The wrapper was a bit dry but at least the cigars weren’t dry and stale themselves. The draw was nice and the cigar didn’t smoke itself while I was holding it. You could tell it was a cheaper cigar, but because it was relatively fresh it was still an enjoyable experience.