I recently wrote about a nice date I had a couple of weeks ago. Was supposed to have another date with that same woman, but it fell through basically because she misplaced her phone and when she found it, it needed to be recharged. But she had trouble charging it as she was using a crappy charger and couldn’t find her original phone charger. So we’d message a bit, then her phone would go dead. And she’d waste battery time by saying sorry instead of just answering my bloody question if place x at time y was good to meet. And then it became too late to meet. Still had on-going conversation though.

But I find it frustrating how dependent some people are on just one device and if something happens to it, they have no backup solutions... not even knowing how to log into another PC to get an email to someone.

So anyway... I was still talking to other women... And I agreed to meet a different woman last weekend.

That date went really well. Then we met the next night. And the night after that. And the night after that. And spent Friday night, all of Saturday and Sunday morning together.

So she’s pretty much been my GF since the first date and ended things with any other woman I was talking to the next day... including woman #1.


Now some details about the new GF... she has only ever owned manual transmission cars like me and she’s the first Latina I’ve ever dated.

Lives much closer to me than woman #1 as well.

And so far, she’s awesome.