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Is the smoke detector working?
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Greek referendum results... what they really mean

So apparently 61.31% voted “No” for the latest EU bailout offer. This suggest to me that this means at least one of the following:

  • 61.31% of Greek voters are idiots for believing they will be able to keep borrowing without taking austerity measures
  • 61.31% of Greek voters are uneducated fools when it comes to economics and finance.
  • 61.31% of Greek voters are gullible idiots who believed the utter bullshit their new government said in the pure self-interest of getting elected.

If I was a person of power in the EU, I would tell Greece that democracy does not mean you aren’t accountable for your past actions or debts racked up from past overspending.

And democracy won’t save you from being accountable.

So Greece and the current morons in charge over there... carry on with your delusional thinking. You’re about to get some very hard and very direct lessons in economics and accountability.


Oh and if a country like Russia offers you money:


... I would strongly suggest you think twice before you decide to make a deal with the devil...

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