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Goodbye Cigar Lounge et al

Well, this has been something of a long time coming. I wanted to say specifically to everyone that has made Cigar Lounge and the Kinja community at large a better place that you are the reason I ever felt welcome here.

The main reason I’m leaving is because I’m more or less sick of all the stupidity I’ve been seeing with articles, posts, comments, etc. Maybe it was always like this and I never noticed it or it was always slipping and I didn’t notice that but it has gone past what I consider to be an acceptable level. I say “stupidity” as a blanket statement of what I consider to be unacceptable content and behavior. Whether it’s deliberate trolling or people who are actually so poorly informed and incapable of thinking outside of their own delusional world, it kind of doesn’t matter. I have made my choice to stop participating in it.


One might say, “well just don’t feed the trolls.” Maybe it’s a personality trait (flaw?) of mine, I’m sorry, it’s all or nothing. I find it much easier to shut it all down rather than trying to parse out what comments and articles are worth responding to. It’s a slippery slope so fuck it all into “not worth it” territory.

I have been thankful for my experience within the community though. I want to thank TheTransporter for setting this place up, the Cigar Lounge has been even keeled in my experience and I have found it to be what I wanted in a forum that encouraged critical thinking. There are many other members whom I should thank as well but I don’t want to risk leaving anyone out.

Anyway, I’ll be around for a bit on this post. For those that have an overwhelming need to harass me further, I’ll be on the Kerbal Space Program forums under the same handle. Also, I considered tagging this post NSFW and had some pics from Suicide Girls but changed my mind at the last minute. I can change that for anyone interested.

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