This is Rebel Snodgrass. Yes, that is his actual name.

Rebel is running for the House of Representatives here in Iowa. Not that you’d know that from his ad, at least at first, because it simply opens by saying “You KNOW I’m for strengthening gun rights!”

1. No we don’t. We have no clue who you are or what you are trying to accomplish.

2. The word on your video is spelled “Strengthtening”.

(I cant embed the video but it’s on his FB page here, screen grab is from about 3 seconds in)


He then rambles on about being for personal freedom, which ok, whatever, and lumps “immigration and criminals” into one big category, all while looking like Ken Bone’s redneck twin brother. Did I mention his name is Rebel Snodgrass?

A little later on he mentions how he’s for “You controling your life.” I can only assume the second “L” missing from “controlling” was the one he took for himself. It’s like your drunk uncle started ranting about the government again at Thanksgiving dinner, angrily claimed, “I’m just gunna run for office myself,” belched, then went ahead and actually ran.


His platform on his website includes detailed plans for what he will do if elected, including “reduce spending”. Seriously, the platform reads like the vocab list on an 8th grade civics quiz.

I would give him bonus points for being against speed cameras, but he refers to them in the possessive (speed camera’s).