Is the smoke detector working?

Good grief

I didn’t watch the Packers game, but I’m pretty sure if I did, I would be outraged. Not at Aaron Rodgers’ actions, but at the fans’ anti-Muslim remarks.

I swear, it’s becoming harder and harder being a Middle Easterner in the United States, especially right now when the 9/11 scare has pretty much trickled down into intense Islamophobia.


After the Boston Marathon tragedy, Muslims all over the country hunkered down in fear; fear that the Americans would condemn every last muslim or Middle Easterner for the actions of only a couple of guys who may or may not even be Muslim.

But that’s the problem with our country. Whenever a group of CHRISTIANS perform acts of terror (KKK, Westboro Baptist Church, etc), no one labels their actions as being onset by Christianity, which they shouldn’t anyway. BUT ONE MUSLIM DOES SOMETHING BAD AND ALL OF A SUDDEN THAT SPEAKS FOR ALL MUSLIMS.

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