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Frank asks "how is this still a thing?"

Anti-Abortion laws in Mexico.

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Over eleven years ago my city in an act of “fuck you if you disagree” moved to pass the Interrupcion Legal del Embarazo (ILE) a law that decriminalized abortion and made it available legally, and free of charge to anyone in Mexico City.

However, it is still illegal, and a fucking felony in most states, despite the Mexican Supreme Court declaring ILE “Constitutional” and saying that “It’s a deprivation of human rights” to deny abortion services in hospitals across the country.

However, and knowing nothing about jurisprudence, the Mexican Supreme Court is sort of your semi-drunk friend, they just say “Yah, man” to everything and then fall asleep. As of now the supreme court has said this:

“It’s unconstitutional how we fund government propaganda” Yet nothing is done about it
“Abortion is constitutional and a human right” Yet it’s still illegal in most of the country
“The General Health law, that classifies marijuana as illegal, is unconstitutional” Yet pot is still illegal and penalized in some parts of the country.

The thing is... the Supreme Court has to grant five amparos in order for their unconstitutionalities to be applied across the country. Since only three groups have successfully sued the supreme court in the case of pot, those three people can have it without being arrested... as for everyone else? Well.. tough shit!

So in the end, nothing new in Mexico.. and one of our presidential candidates said of pregnant women and the public health hazard that is underage pregnancy that he’d stop it by telling these women that they are “Fat and undesirable”

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