Her and I are so alike, in normal ways and in fucked up ways. We’re here for each other and against all advice and what everyone always tells me i’m just so damn in love with her. She was hurt and so was i and we make each other all better again, as many of you know im annoying and moody and angsty as hell and i’m never happy with life but now i am, for the first time since before i found out everything that was really going on with my parents and family. This aint like anything before. She likes things instead of typical basic girl shit, she came over and wanted to play the NES we have and all the old systems, and she gets my dark humor and actually jokes around and has fun. She’s not like anyone else and she makes all my sorrow just go away and she told me the same thing too. We both have strict ass parents and have been through abusive type shit before and in the dark of it all she was the light at the end of the tunnel. Why am i even typing all this and posting it, not like anyone gives a shit anyways. Most of y’all hate me, for crying out loud. Eh, whatever. I don’t care anymore. Don’t know why i did in the first place tbh. I guess im “venting”, but not in a bad way of that makes any sense. Whatever, whoever actually reads this wins this thing:

might be getting an ‘01 Legacy for $300, running and driving but needing work. Wanna make a LegaSTi