My father (of all people) shared a stupid quote, any advice on how to deal? I’m already 12 hours into a Facebook convo thats going no where.

I shared:

There is no real double standard here. Mainstream television does not cater to minorities. Sure, there may be an individual show here and there that does, but it’s safe to say that the bulk of a mainstream channel’s on-air time does not. Because of this, blacks have created channels that address our entertainment desires by offering content we can better relate to.”

“Wanting to see stories about people who look like you is not racism.”

“ When the majority excludes the minority, and the minority creates parallel institutions of its own, that’s not racism. That’s an entirely reasonable response to racism.”

You’re not being oppressed because BET exists. In capitalist America, BET makes money, do you want them to shut down? And you know, the whole freedom of speech thing.


And his latest response is still:

You can’t have it both ways. Scream that you are being segregated against and then do the same thing and say it’s “ok” “it’s for us”.