So, I don’t really know that much about cigars and only really started smoking them occasionally last summer. Recently I’ve started to get more into it, and the other day my friend and I stumbled upon an awesome place. I go to Lehigh University which is a small university in the middle of Pennsylvania in a nice little town called Bethlehem. The other day I decided to check out this cigar shop about two blocks from campus and this tiny store happened to have boxes on boxes of Arturo Fuente Opus X cigars in stock to my friend’s (he knows a good bit about cigars) amazement and they were priced relatively cheap. Supposedly they’re one of the most sought after cigars in the world, yet this guy who runs a tiny cigar shop in the middle of PA has a ton of them, which I find awesome. He said that he has ancestry in the family, which I was a bit skeptical of to be honest, but it could be true. So I figured I’d ask those of you who know about cigars whether these are actually considered to be the greatest? I bought one the other day and I just got some more money so I think I might try and go pick up another one or two to save for the summer, but I wanted to see whether you guys thought its worth it? They range from 14$ up to 25$ for the big ones. Anyway, I figured you guys might enjoy my story about finding these cool cigars, and if anyone knows about them I’d like to see how much of what I was told about them is true. Also, I know this post is a bit rambling so please excuse that as I studied all of yesterday for my Eco 45 final today.