Is the smoke detector working?

ever get that feeling

the news is trying to kill you?

between the assholes with vans, the near constant shootings (of wich we are actually having quite a few in the netherlands too lately) turkey,syria and isreal going mental... etc..


trumps constant fuckery wich i dont evevn know why i keep following.... oh wait.. its coz if you lot end up putting the economie in the shitter it’ll fuck up everything here too... and if the middle east gets more fucked up we’ll have even more problems with refugees (but mostly not from the refugees.... most of them are well behaved) but the resentment against them over here is unreal.. mostly about having to pay for them with our taxes and having refugee camps too close to where we live..... it will end up putting the far right in charge... goodie

(i mean... im pretty sure my inability to sleep, drinking problem and the fact that im aproaching a burn out i dont have time for will kill me first..... but the news aint helping)

just thought i’d try me hand at having a vent

cheers :)

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