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Is the smoke detector working?
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*equal opportunity cigar lounge commission, which doesn’t really exist but sounds cool, no?

So earlier in the week, mkbruin offered a reply for debate that I initially took offense to because it took away from the point being made. Plus like most sane folks, I was beyond pissed over Charlottesville.


Anyway I agreed that I would give it the opportunity to be debated. It just took longer for me to post this because I’ve been sick.

Also if anything is out of context, I will correct it as soon as possible.

mkbruin, Atlas VPboredalways

8/15/17 9:30am

It is a good portrayal and solid message; but I believe there is a stronger message that will be missed.


When viewed through the lens of republican vs democrat policies:

Republicans have gone off course over the past decade. What drew me to the right was a focus on the content of ones character, rather than race/orientation/gender. Over the past decade, the R’s have begun to segment its base to its own detriment.


Democrats, in comparison, went off the deep end of identity politics. If you are not a hyphenated anything, you are not welcome. You must identify solely by your faction, and anyone who looks or act the same but doesn’t think the same must be ostracized. I look at the treatment of African American conservatives, LBGT conservatives, and female conservatives and it’s absolutely appalling how closely the democrat party mimicks that video.

I never saw Trumps rhetoric regarding immigration as racist, as I respect all nations right to sovereignty. However, I see in retrospect how the rhetoric fueled the fire that had been building as race relations declined over the past decade.


I like to think that racism is not solely owned by the right. I also like to think that the racist on both sides of the spectrum are the extremists and the extreme minority, not the norm.

Regardless, I cannot recall another time when this country was as tense as it is today (politically speaking). This began before Trump, so one man is not the catalyst. I fear we will reach a breaking point as a nation before either side will do what is necessary to heal.

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