So I was reading this story over on Jezebel:

And there are two things that jumped out at me:

1. “And then there’s Barbara Ball, the faculty member who allegedly made incredibly unprofessional and sexually harassing comments as she supervised the procedure:

“She allegedly approached one student ... during a probing session and stated (she) was ‘sexy’ and should be an ‘escort girl’ (prostitute).”

I find it really surprising that this faculty member hasn’t been suspended or fired. I’ve seen/read about males in similar positions getting suspended or fired for much less.

2. How very few commenters on Jezebel have pointed out what I stated in #1. I commented this articles comments section... but my comment doesn’t show up... not even in the greys. I suspect there have been many comments that pointed this out, but they haven’t even been approved since they don’t toe the PC feminist line.


All the focus at Jezebel is on how the students shouldn’t be required to allow themselves to be probed by fellow classmates.

It’s completely ignoring the big elephant in the room... a female prof who is behaving inappropriately and abusing her authority... and she’s getting a free pass for bad behaviour that a male prof would never get.


Double standards like this really hurt the credibility of Jezebel and feminists in general in my view.