Not because it’s bad; it’s basically like Southern Florida but cheaper.*

*: To Americans, it might be a bit cheaper, but to any Mexican, this is a freaking scam. A Corona normally costs 50-75 cents of a dollar, and it’s sold for FIVE here. Also all the food, taxis, everything is priced as if it was the US. But it’s not the US; people here aren’t earning as much money, and manufacturing, storing, and sorting all the shit is not significantly more expensive than in Merida or Campeche, yet it costs three times as much in most cases.

Visit Merida, visit Los Cabos, or Ensenada. Don’t come here cus it’s really bad. Like, the Scam even continues in unexpected places.

Firstly, the airport has a “welcome” bar outside, which is hilarious, but inside the airport, they accept dollars at a 15MXN/USD exchange rate, which is hilariously undervalued, and the cabs charge more inside the airport than in the immediacies outside it.

Really, I’m ashamed by how much people are scammed here. I am also amazed that it’s irrelevant if I complaint; Quintana Roo is gonna have its best tourist year, with 100% occupancy in most tourist resorts.