Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

In 2015, the analysts and pundits thought they had it down, Jeb Bush would win the support of the Republican establishment, Hillary Clinton would win the support of women, minorities, and the Democratic establishment. In 2016, we learned that they were wrong, very wrong. It was 2 candidates that nobody saw coming, Donald Trump was expected to be a side show to the political circus that is the election cycle. Bernie Sanders was expected to be a fringe candidate who got only a fraction of the vote, and that fraction would be from Vermont and neighboring states. But again, they were wrong, establishment used to mean that you knew the ropes in Washington and had been around the block a few times. Now, Donald trump is almost inevitably the Republican Nominee, and Bernie Sanders, a self described Democratic Socialist is winning the young vote with some of the most passionate support I have ever seen. Establishment is a dirty word, a word that means you believe in dirty tricks and doing the deeds of donors. The reason behind all of this of course is anger.

The people of America have heard it, they have heard that the politicians that they elect will do the right thing, something for the people, and they come back disappointed each time. Politicians end up doing the things that the donors that fund their campaigns would like done. The same ideas have been tossed around for many years by people who made a career of politics. People are fed up with empty promises made by people who say them knowing that they are empty. People are angry that their jobs are being shipped overseas where companies exploit foreign workers for cheap labor. Washington politics has fixed none of this, income inequality is still alive, race and gender gaps are everywhere. But there is hope, not hope in Washington, but hope from the outside and hope from new and alternative ideas. Bernie Sanders brings new ideas to the table, ideas that are served to you with passion with a side of authentic sharpness. Talking about campaign finance reform and bringing the people into the politics. Donald Trump serves his ideas with anger, telling people that they are being ripped off by Washington politics and the democrats agenda. Both candidates are tapping into the anger of the American people with ideas that Washington hasn’t presented yet. Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are a hope for people, a light at the end of the tunnel. Under these candidates the people believe, we will be prospering in economic growth and equality. The American people see these candidates as the future architects of a happy America, a utopia if you must define. But I have something to say, its not possible for everything to be right, there were always be problems and issues that need to be addressed and solved.


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