Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

Do you have a lot of friends you socialize with?

I feel like it’s an odd question to ask, but it’s something I’m wondering about myself these days. I feel like I need new friends or at least I need people who I can socialize with on a consistent basis. I don’t have that group of people who I see on a regular basis while doing something fun/social. I never use to be really bothered by that, but these days it’s really starting to bother me. My two groups of friends aren’t...i dont know, groups I’m wanting to be around anymore. Group A is a group I’ve been friends with for years, but they just never want to all get together for “x, y, and z” reason(s). Group B i’ve know for a few years and it’s just an odd fit altogether and they never want to do anything besides get food. By “get food”, i mean sit at a restaurant while everyone’s on their phone.


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