Ive been enjoying an interesting and strange transformation... as of now I weigh 13% less than I used to; my body fat went from 27% to 17% all of this occurred in the span of seven weeks.

To be truthful, I was at a very unhealthy weight, and I also am in a very strict diet. And it’s just bizarre that I put on clothes that two months ago didn’t fit and now they fall off.


I don’t think its the transformation that many people think it is... its merely personal, and someone at a less healthy weight could lead a healthier lifestyle, or have more confidence than I do.

But its just that. The weight went so quickly that I still feel just as fat as I used to be, even if measurements say otherwise.

I still have a lot of fat to shave, specifically, around 3kg worth before I hit my goal of 15% body fat. Where I did find a massive improvement is in anxiety. You see, having a strict diet to follow every day is a blessing to someone who stress eats because you sort-of get in the zone and you focus...at least for me it cut my worst impulses