I recently acquired a Dell Optiplex E6220 for free...

The catch? It’s a completely wiped ex-corporate laptop.

No problem... it has a Windows 7 Pro OEM license sticker... I’ll just download Win7 ISO, install it and I’ll be golden.

Problem: On the install, it says

“A required CD-DVD drive device driver is missing”

... and would not continue the install.

After trying all kinds of different drivers and looking at USELESS support documentation that doesn’t work and trying to use Dell’s USELESS recovery utilities, in my searching, I discovered that Microsoft was lying to me.


You see... the real issue is the combo of Windows 7 and the fact that this laptop has the same issue as other systems with Intel’s newer Skylake chipset have... which is the lack of USB3 support... which Win7 doesn’t support and causes it to get twisted in knots. And even though this fucking laptop doesn’t actually have any USB3 ports, as you can see in the motherboard chipset specs, it does *support* USB3.

Solution? This link from Intel (which Dell and Microsoft should have mentioned in their support documentation, if they didn’t have their support heads up their collective assess).

However this link makes no mention of the Dell/Win7 “I’m asking for a CD-DVD drive device driver like a fucking retard when I really want a USB3 driver even though there are no fucking USB3 ports on this system” issue... but it does fix it.


SO... if any of you ever need to install Win7 on a system with the Intel Skylake/Sandy Bridge or other USB3-supporting chipset:

  • Download the Windows 7 ISO you need
  • Use this tool from Microsoft to put that ISO on a bootable USB
  • Then use this tool from Intel to modify the install files on the USB so the Win7 install will support USB3


Now I just have to wait for this thing to download and install around a Gig worth up updates

Update: The CPU in this thing is #246 at the moment in terms of performance on this list: