So, my university has decided that, from now on. EVERY student (no matter their discipline) will have to take a class in aboriginal studies.

I think its BS, to say the least.

My reasons:

Learning about the aboriginals AT THIS POINT is pretty useless. Anyone who wanted to go into aboriginal studies would have done so. I think it would be much more effective to put a course like this in the early stages of high school.

Why I should have to pay to be taught something which, as an engineer, I'm NEVER going to use in my life. An accounting course to learn how to calculate a mortgage and do taxes and manage a car payment? THAT would benefit everyone. Or womens studies. Or management classes. Learning about aboriginals...don't really see how an engineer (or anyone NOT in aboriginal studies) would even remotely benefit from that.

Relating to the previous point, there is another problem. Where the fuck is the school going to get all the funding to pay for all of the extra teachers (and rooms) needed to teach 2500 students another class. They are going to bump up tuition. Which is ALREADY high enough as it is.

I think its racist. It is implied that somehow the Native culture or Native issues are more important that the Finn's, Scandinavians, Polish, Italian or any of the other group. PLUS many programs already address Native Issues in their core in Anthropology there are numerous subjects that incorporate Aboriginals....ditto in Social Work and Sociology. So I just do not see how there can REALLY be much benefit from a forced HALF CREDIT course that is likely a First Year course. I mean, how much can one really learn in one half credit course? And if it is offered First Year, who is going to remember a quarter of what they learned by Fourth Year?

Not to mention my time table. I'm already packed with almost 40 hours a week of classes and labs. so lets add in ONE more to that. The added stress, time, and work load is not something I want (or possibly CAN) deal with.

So, have at it.