Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?
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Damn it!!!

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Fuck all distracted idiots. I was entering a pay parking lot, and when i pressed the button for the ticket, it didn’t work, by the time i realized it wouldn’t open, there was already somebody behind me, so i expected him to notice and move to the side for the next entering lane, but the idiot wasn’t even looking that the ticket wasnt coming out for me, so i put reverse so the lights to catch his attention... It didnt work, i couldn’t see if he was watching or not, so i dont know if he was very stupid or very stupid and distracted. When the idiot finally after like 2 minutes realizes that the machine doesnt work, he backs up and goes to the next machine, and then many cars come all at once and make a line behind him, so i stayed like an idiot without being able to back up because i was blocked by that line of cars.

Seriously, i wanted to ram that motherfucker’s audi A5 sportback, he was already inside the parking lot, and there i was, still waiting for the other cars to pass so i could back up and enter in the next lane . I was furious. When i finally get to the bank and open the door, i watch someone just taking a seat with the employee i needed to go to. And here is where i exploded ( in my mind, not publicly), because if i hadn’t been hold up by the idiot with his audi so much time, the employee would have been free for when i arrived, so i got out of the fucking mall and went home. And i know and realize that only person that got fucked was me, because i couldn’t even do what i went there for.


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