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College Conundrum

Im sorry that I sound like a broken record around here lately, I just don’t know what to do. Recently I decided that I dont want to live on campus. Now a whole new slew of issues have appeared.

One of the smartest options I can do is go to the community college down the street from me. Its very affordable. In two years, I can get my AA and then go to a university of my choice. I can stay at home, and keep my awesome job at the dealership, maybe even more up like I was talking about with my manager the other day.

There is but one huge flaw. I fucking hate where I live. That isnt an understatement. Every day that I am here, I get more and more angry and miserable. My town sucks. The median age is 68. Everything is closed by 9pm here. The only legal thing for someone my age is to go bowling. Which gets creepy past 9:30 because you are alone there.


The weather sucks. The people suck. The roads suck. Right now, our town has tens of thousands of notherners so I can barely shop, go out to dinner, or even drive. It sucks.

Moving to go to community college is a terrible idea, admission costs over 4x as much.

And last night my dad got super pissy about the idea of me going to a community college. He wants me to pack up and go be miserable at a school I dont want. And itll cost a small fortune.

But he insists that im throwing my life away if I do that. He wants me to live his life because he failed living his own.


Thw deadline for the one school I was considering is March 1st. Theres little to no chance I could apply in time. Also, it costs $75 just to apply. Im cheap.

I just want to get through school as fast as I can for as little out of pocket as possible. Help.

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