Is the smoke detector working?

CL is the sexist and racist boys' club

But we haven't been called ableist yet... I aim to change that.

Alright, let me begin by staying I'm not ableist, sexist, or racist but I think open discussion is a good thing on such matters because if we let political correctness stifle or question what we have good reasons to think, then society will never improve. Thought I'd explicitly state that for those who need it stated for them.


Anyway, I realized I have a good topic for CL today: my washroom at work. It's located in a newly renovated department and they didn't leave any box unchecked when designing the floor. Here is a picture I took standing with my back against the far wall

The cell phone pic can't really give you an idea of the size of the space, but it's huge for a washroom. It's at least 10'x10'. Obviously meant to accommodate people with walkers and wheelchairs, which is perfectly fine. Considering I work in a hospital, it makes sense to be accessible since that's where you tend to find handicapped peoples. Has a person in a wheelchair ever used the washroom though? I'd bet a silver dollar no, because it's located in the records department and is meant for the staff. So what's my deal you might be asking yourself at this point? Well it's that damned mirror! Look how it's pointed at the ground. Great if you're a child, midget, or in a wheelchair but anyone above 5 feet is going to have the top of their head cut off.


(here stands the tall, proud white male. He observes his surroundings; looking to see how he can shape them to to suit him and his patriarchy)

I'm 6'2'' and clearly this mirror is useless unless I need to observe whether my fly is undone without bending my head down (as a matter of fact, keep this mirror and install another one so that I can actually see my head. I'd like to have a crotch inspecting mirror in my patriarchal dominion). So what do you guys think? Am I right in being bothered by this mirror considering the fact the department is filled with able bodied people? My other issue is how do you talk about such a thing without sounding ableist? I guess I could say it's discriminatory against tall people... which it kind of is, but that would make me sound even more chauvinistic. So far I've remained quiet since it's more of a nuisance but a few weeks ago I was suffering from mechanical back pain and then I really was hindered. This led me to the idea that I don't think everything needs to be, and should be accessible. It should be a logical decision as to whether or not something is designed to be accommodating based on the frequency of need.


(Italian spiderman gif irrelevant, just there to scare away any rabid SJW.

yes italian spiderman hitting women is hilarious

no hitting women in real life isn't hilarious)

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