One of my best friends is my classmate Jen. She is currently dating Colin... who is also one of my best friends. They have been together for a little over a year now. They are one of the most honest perfect couples I see around school; like one that could actually last beyond high school. Or so I thought. I got an alarming text message from her and never being in this situation... I didn't know what to say. Maybe you could help me here.

The following are the actual text messages I got:

"Hey Justin, can I talk to you about some thing? It's awkward. But I feel like you'd good advice. It's personal and IDK know if I should ask now or later. Its just bothering me."

I give her my generic of course you can always talk to me response.

"Well, I'm sorry for TMI...

Colin & I would have sex.. Every day or like twice or more since we started dating. Since.. He basically lives with me now. We're around each other a bit more. And now , he doesn't get in the mood.. Or he makes up an excuse to not.. It worries me.


Like.. It's not like I'm gross down there. I keep that shit in tact. K.

And I don't know if I'm doing something wrong or he doesn't have that affection for me anymore. Like it went down to once a week or not even.

I'm thinking about wearing more makeup. And doing my hair more.. Idk."

Now I was thrown off guard here that she came to me for advice. Mainly because I am still a virgin and haven't ever been in a serious relationship. I asked if maybe he was stressed at home... she said that things have been alright lately. She then goes on to tell me this:

"I can't help but think it's me. When Colin and I first started dating he cheated on me. He knew what he did and basically I stayed and he was really sorry. Yada yada"


This was news I was never aware of. I never thought of Colin to be like that.

Then when we got to lunch, where we all sit together, things were tense. Jen was pretty much crying and Colin was angry. He yelled at her and asked her to stop and move on. I haven't seen this side of him before so it threw me off guard. I sadly couldn't really do anything. I'm not one to make a scene so I put in one headphone to make it look like I was listening to music when I wasn't...

Colin is in the ROTC program at school. And he seems to have this like tough guy military attitude now. He's also not into the cutsey flirty stuff like she is. I'm sad to see their relationship falling apart right now. She wants my advice and I don't really know what to tell her honestly.


I should also note that she messaged me back on December 19th asking for my opinion since he was seeming to lose interest then as well. What can I do and tell her? Please help me guys!