*Sigh* I was already depressed today, this was just the news I needed to brighten my day. I shouldn’t even have to write about this, but have some thoughts on Trumps Transgender ban: (Note, much of this stuff is a 30 second Google search away)

  • On Day 20 of Trump’s term, his Administration dropped all lawsuits against transphobic institutions, put in the final word about protecting trans people in Title IX (no), and stopped all other legal action in favour of trans people the Obama Administration initiated. Trump stabbed us in the back before even his first month was up.
  • Transgender surgeries (and often hormones) are NOT covered under insurance. As it is, the only reason my hormones are covered are because I’m lying to my insurer (my dad has the best insurance a vet working for the VA could get). So the numbers he’s quoting are hilariously inaccurate. (surprise!) I cannot even get life insurance, let alone have insurance cover my surgery.
  • ED medications, which are covered under insurance, cost millions more to the taxpayer than even if the taxpayer paid for trans surgeries
  • The Military’s marching band costs $400 million of your taxpayer dollars each year too. We won’t talk about the F35...
  • To knock down Burner arguments: No, there isn’t anything about HRT that stops you from serving your country as you volunteered to do. HRT also is not a choice for most trans people who medically transition.
  • Our Military has give or take 10,000 trans service members in it (a former member of Seal Team 6 is trans too). Many of these people often report that they feel more accepted and safer thousands of miles away than they do in their own hometown..
  • It’s crushing to think that all of this was delivered by a freaking Tweet.
  • While this Administration clearly doesn’t and never has liked the LGBTQ+ community (after all, they were running on the most anti-LGBTQ platform in history), this ban is also a political move. They’re trying to flush our healthcare down the toilet so they decided to pull the same move Pat McCrory did and gave something for the media to gawk at while they do worse things behind the curtains. Now, that shouldn’t discount what’s happening here (HB 2 was devastating), rather that I hope people can see through this to the bread and butter of what they’re trying to do.


To this day I do not understand the many transgender people who voted for Trump. Some of these people admitted they voted for him simply because he held up the rainbow flag or that Trump somehow wasn’t going to adhere to the crazy hateful platform that was written for him.

I get it. Clinton sounded robotic, but Trump said what you’re thinking, so clearly you vote for that guy and not the person running on one of the most pro-LGBTQ platforms in history...

They actively voted against themselves and made up asinine excuses for it. Now, they’re saying “I’m surprised, I didn’t see this coming.” HOW DID YOU NOT?!?!?!? Gosh darn it they’re telling you straight to your face that you don’t deserve human rights but you’re going to trust them anyway??


Final note: Failing to respect Transgender people isn’t just a GOP thing, the Democrats have also been treating us like we’re not human forever as well. Democrat politicians only care about us now because the GOP is actively attacking us.

Bonus: Shoutout to Spotify!