Is the smoke detector working?
Is the smoke detector working?

I'm supposed to be quitting cigars for health insurance reasons. It drops our costs significantly if I quit, and I'm also getting ready to work on weight loss and getting into shape, so I am willingly going to do it. But not today. I was going to have my 'one last cigar' moment on New Year's day, but I got walloped with a really bad cold that has finally all but gone away. So today, I'm going to my nearby cigar shop and getting one of these bad boys, MUWAT 7x60.

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When it comes to cigars, I love the 60-ring sticks. Nothing girthier, 60 is perfect for me. The 7x60 is a ridiculous stick, though. You could club a a baby seal to death with it. My go-to smoke for the last couple years has been the 5x60, and I've gone through hundreds of them. Probably my favorite cigar, despite the wrapper quality issues they can have. These hugh jass 7s, though, are one of the rare big boys I can smoke right on down to the nub they're so good.

I'm probably not going to quit stogies permanently, as my partner is looking for a new job and we will be getting new insurance at that point. But I do need to make a lifestyle change and this is going to be part of it, at least for a while.

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