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Before I Fall Asleep..

Today was court day for the restraining orders. All cases got dismissed.

(Lead photo: That Citroën has been daily driven in that area for at least 10 years.)


For whatever reason my mum decided that simply telling the truth wasn’t good enough, and in the restraining order had decided to say that the ex tenant made a death threat towards her. The story was already truthfully crazy and dangerous enough..

The other side decided their safety was at risk (they’re worrying about nothing because I’m not a criminal and neither are my parents or the remaining tenant?) and did background checks against everyone in my house. Amusingly, of course I had the cleanest record with literally nothing to speak for.

After reading our restraining order against them, they also embellished their restraining order (attempt since it wasn’t granted) to the point where it too was silly. They said my mum said that my family was going to murder all of theirs and that my remaining tenant (a white lady) was figuring out “how to get rid of the other white bitch”.

Of course, both sides also couldn’t even get their stories straight because both sides tried to blur the line between truth and fiction.


I was a witness to the restraining orders on my side, I wasn’t going to lie. At any rate, the judge didn’t even call me in, he got fed up at how stupid the stories of both sides sounded that he dismissed all cases.

That means my ex tenant is no longer pretending not to live next door. Whatever.. So long as the vandalism stops (and that vandalism may have been my recently jailed tenant) and the arguing stops, I really don’t care.


The judge recommended both sides sell their homes and move away. Haha, no. We will lose maybe $100-$200k if we just sell this house right now. Then I’d have to go back to either living with my parents (makes me suicidal) or find an apartment that’ll let me hoard three cars.

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