Is the smoke detector working?


Just wanted to remind you guys of something.

Some of you have very strong opinions of the current situation. remember, Oppo might not be the best of places to to voice them.

Cigar lounge is more then welcome to you, just comment on this post and I will grant you authorship. just remember our rules:

1: Dont be a dick. Unpopular opinions and conversations are welcome, but once the swearing at each other starts, we WILL shut that thread down/step in. Keep it civil people

2: Seriously, Dont be a dick. also, no trolling please.

3: if NSFW, have a leading picture and a warning.

Cigar lounge is a place for discussion and rants that may or may not be suitable for oppo, as well as any NFSW links you wish to post. While we welcome all opinions, keep it civil, or we WILL intervene.

in honor of the french:

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