Is the smoke detector working?

Anyone got a good cigar recommendation?

Over the last six years, I’ve probably smoked about a thousand of these guys in various sizes. That’s not an exaggeration, it’s been at least that many if not more. I’ve averaged about one to three per day.

Most have been the 5 or 6 inch variety, though I’ve also burned a ton of the 7 inch, both in 60 and 70 ring sizes.


Basically, once I find a cigar I like, I tend to stay with them until I find something better. Before I stumbled on the MUWAT, I was into El Baton, Brick House, CAO Italia, AVO, and Oliva to name a few.

Anyone have a good one I should try? Besides what I’ve listed above, I’ve also enjoyed Ashton VSGs, anything by Partagas, a few Romeo y Julieta, some Macanudos (but they seem kinda bland), and a few Padrons.

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