I need some advice, whether you’re a teacher or not.

I’ve gotten a swift kick in the ass after a terrible semester which has left me thinking some things over. I’ve been a business student since beginning college 3 years ago and have not done particularly well, I just don’t get most of it. I’m stewing on things for the next week til I meet with an advisor to decide how to proceed with my education from here.

What I am thinking of switching to is education and becoming a teacher, like my father and much of his side of the family. It is something that I can actually see myself doing and enjoying, it isn’t glamorous or will make me rich but it is good and needed. When thinking of a future in business it was always nebulous and disconcerting, I didn’t like that feeling. If I do make the switch, I would most likely pursue a middle childhood (middle to high school) track with focuses on social science and science or social science and language arts. I almost started doing this 3 years ago but was stupid, 18 and rebelled a bit I suppose since that is all I heard, because all through middle and high school I was always told I should be a teacher by everyone.

I took the time to discuss this with my mom and step dad earlier tonight, they think it would be a good move and that I would excel in such a field. I have to agree, step dad has three degrees and knows pretty well how I feel. They said give it the week til my appointment to think more and if needed the rest of the summer until fall semester.

I’m well aware of the issues teachers face, with my dad being one until he passed away. Plus many close family friends are teachers so I still hear the news and pay attention to such things. What do you all have to say? Advice to give?


If you’ve gotten this far, I thank you for your time, I had to get it out to somewhere/someone(s) that aren’t family. Have some more pictures from when I went to New York. Top pic is the Dakota in NYC as seen from Central Park.

P.S. I thought of posting this to Oppo but feel like I would get some better advice/feedback from Cigar Lounge you all seem a bit more worldly/mature. Thanks gents(and any ladies).