I just now remembered why I stopped working for my dad primarily. But today I realized that I should’ve stopped working for him all together.

Unless I’m incredibly mistaken, he seldom if ever appreciates the many things I do for him that he simply cannot or will not do, he complains and throws toddler like tantrum that’s pathetic for a 69-year old, and he cannot handle the littlest of criticisms. He runs his business most unprofessionally and doesn’t even care about it even though it was a “life long dream” unless it makes money; money supersedes all things and dreams. I thought only working weekends would reduce the emotional and mental drain, it still isn’t enough. This will be my last day working for him unless he makes some actual changes, actually listens to what I and others have to say and can actually handle criticism.

It’s almost impossible not to work for him though. He’s my dad, paternal guardian. I almost feel like there’s a gray area in parenting where I’m simply supposed to do everything and anything he says because he’s my dad. I’m obligated to do anything he asks without question and he’s entitled to use me anyway he pleases. There’s no equal footing or standing and I guess that’s just the paradigm of parenting/kids. And some days are perfectly good; uncoincidentally, these are the days the most money and business is had, but it’s very bipolar like he acts sometimes and it’s tough to even initiate some form of heart to heart conversation because I feel he believes it threatens him somehow. He’s so set in his ways, and while I believe I can handle anything that comes my way, this is a special case where that simply isn’t true. Because he is my dad, his words sometimes cut deeper than others, and I’m not sure how to approach this but I’ve an hour to figure this out.

Apologies for my venting