Is the smoke detector working?

And the wheels on the bus go round and round...

Police in Brooklyn shot and killed another unarmed black man.
Another shooting took place in the Florida State University library.
Americans still cling to their guns with fervent dedication and ignorance.

With police killings of innocent black men and school shootings occurring with increasing and terrifying frequency, perhaps it is finally time for Americans to reevaluate their love of firearms. Or perhaps we should wait until riots occur in every major city, and a shooting has taken place on every college campus.


Your itchy trigger finger should not have more rights than a human being.
Your gun cabinet should not have more legal protection than an American citizen.
Your misinterpretation of the Second Amendment should not defend the death of the innocent.
Your (and my) politicians should not be more concerned with their careers than with the safety of their constituents.

But what do I know.

It's not like government mandated gun control could ever work.
It's not like demilitarizing the police force could ever work.


Oh, wait...

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