Some of you might be wondering why this sub blog is called the "Cigar Lounge". Allow me to explain.

As a member of a cigar lounge and a frequenter of many others, I am fully aware of how these places work. There is no discussion that is off-limits. However, there are reactions that are off-limits. For starters, you can't become upset. Huge faux pas. This is an atmosphere of both comradity and idea-sharing. Civil discussions are not only expected, but demanded.

Secondly, getting "butthurt" is another no-no. In the cigar lounge that I frequent, the group I hold court over sounds like a bad, long joke. "So a white stockbroker, a Vietnamese guy, a black guy, two Muslims, and a Hindu Indian walk into a cigar club..." We all get along, despite our differences. We all like each other despite our differences. None of us hold grudges against the others when it comes to our differences. If you can't do this, you're probably better off sitting up front staring at ESPN like the rest of the plebeians. This is a respectful area. Stay respectful or GTFO.

Finally, we don't judge. If we DO judge, we keep it to ourselves. We make fun of each other (I walked into my lounge a week ago and was suddenly barraged by jokes regarding my slip on a boat ramp where I damn near broke my ankle and sliced up my hand REALLY BADLY). We laugh at each other, all the while knowing that the joke will eventually fall back on ourselves soon.

I expect this virtual cigar lounge to operate similar to real life cigar lounges. Don't let me down.