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About toilets; who uses them


After a myriad of “bathroom bills” hit the floors of state assemblies in America, my school decided to convert some special-access-disability bathrooms into “inclusive bathrooms” for the transgender community


The dean said that by opening these special bathrooms to the transgender community of my college, they were being more empathetic to their identity needs. However, I personally think it’s a step back.

Full disclosure: im cisgender, so I’ve never experienced discrimination based on my gender identity. I’m talking from the heart and from what makes sense to me only.

So, with that in mind, I suspect that what many transgender individuals want, is to feel comfortable with their gender, and that can be a challenge when it comes to toilets. So separating them from the “regular” toilets might make them feel like the community is excluding them.


All of this without calling out the impracticality of havinng three separate rooms as toilets. With 14,000 students, if we follow US statistics, my college has 42 transgender students... in other words, its not too many, it’d be infinitely more practical to let them use the regular toilets of their choice than to relable the special access toilets. This too ignoring that the special access toilets do have a reason to exist for the dissabled students and teachers that need the special equipment of the special access toilet.

I can understand their use to avoid violence towards transgender individuals, but at the same time, by separating them they just make the community at large less empathetic and less exposed to the needs and desires of transgender people.


In a sense, I feel like it was an excuse for some PR and to make the more conservative members of faculty and alumni feel like there were being open minded by actively segregating the transgender community.

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